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The luster of a new RV, car, or boat can wear off quickly if it is left unprotected from the elements. Damaging ultraviolet rays, jet soot, smog, dirt and dust, leaves and needles all can deteriorate your new investment if left unchecked-before you even realize what happened.

If you want your recreational vehicle to look as nice years down the road as it did the day you brought it home, protect it with an Eagle Shelter System. The heavy-duty galvanized-steel structure provides lifetime protection against everything from UV rays and interior heat damage to dirt, pitch, falling trees or branches, harsh weather and other harmful effects.

Benefits of Eagle Shelter Systems

Protect your investment. Eagle Shelter Systems stop UV damage to your RV's exterior paint and finish, and also prevent heat build-up from damaging the interior. The shelters are constructed of heavy-duty tubular galvanized steel with 26-gauge galvanized steel roofing that reflects heat, keeping the air beneath amazingly cool. A luminous coating on the underside reflects natural light and makes it bright inside the shelter even on a gray day.

Sturdy and built to last. Unlike tarps or other flimsy structures that blow over, Eagle Shelter Systems are built to last. They can be footed to withstand winds in excess of 90 mph without expensive or extensive foundation work.

Custom fit to meet your needs. The standard Eagle Shelter System comes with the steel tubular supports spaced five feet apart and 6 inches of overhang on each end. This allows you to "custom fit" the shelter to your needs and space availability. 12 foot and 20 foot widths are standard, while 8 to 24 foot widths are available. Any height and any length you choose are available, and extra height and length can be added at any time. An optional gable, and full or partial sides are also available.

Saves you money. By protecting you RV with an Eagle Shelter System, you'll get more back on your investment when you trade or sell. The covering protects everything from interior and exterior components to tires and wiper blades, and it will help avoid those dreaded rust problems and repairs. You'll also save money on storage away from home, and enjoy the convenience of having the RV on your property, easily accessible when preparing for trips or overnight guest.

Totally portable , so they can be taken with you if should move. They can be moved intact or disassembled and easily reassembled for long-distance moves. Eagle Shelter Systems also have good resale value. Maintenance is minimal just wash it off with a hose to keep it clean.

Available in 10 attractive colors , the sleek structures can also be dressed up with lattice work sides, hedges, or insulating fabric that you can put on in winter and take off in summer. Eagle Shelter Systems are easy to install-most people do it themselves, and the price includes delivery, but installation is available.

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"Steel Shelters are the Perfect Solution"
"We bought our cover in 1993, it was easy to install and was affordable! Recently it endured very strong winds, snow, and rain... It's doing exactly what we want it to do...Protecting our R.V."
- Ken and Sandy Reed

"We could not ask for a better service from the product or dealer, they are honest, truthful and do great work."
-Bud and Donna Reynolds

"It was easy to install - I did it myself. Our camper still looks like new because of the protection."
- Chris Hughes

"...(our cover) was fabricated to our specifications due to space requirements and we have been totally sstisfied with it."
- Warren Wilson

"...thank you for your help in straightening out the mess I got myself into when I ordered a "brand X" RV Shelter. The few bucks I saved on the materials were not worth the added stress of constant, missing parts, and excuses for nondelivery...In my book you have no competition!"
- Bill Olsen

"I'd like to say thanks so much for yourprofessionalism and quality product line. The 20 x 40 foot cover not only is functional, good looking,property value enhancing, but was only half the cost of a comparable stick built or pole type building."
- Brian Marantette

"...(our cover) has survived the winds, snows and floods of '96. It remains as strong and untouched as the first day we erected it."
- Richard Stanton

"...it keeps the cars dry and cool in the summer and I am very pleased with it. Even the neighbors like it."
- Edlyn Mennis


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